You No Longer Have To Choose Between Presenting A Soft Toy Or Roses As A Thoughtful Gift

  • Even after repeated embraces, it keeps its shape.
  • It's packaged in a charming and practical display case.
  • Rose bear is handcrafted using artificial flowers as the core element to create a bear-shaped design with a romantic flavor and a gorgeous shape.
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The best gift for Xmas, Valentine's Day or any occasion that guarantees such a unique and precious gift

Hyper-Realistic Flowers

The lifelike flowers are as real as they can be, which makes the present even more special. Because Rose Bear is handcrafted, each rose has been placed with care to catch your attention.

The end result is a bear fashioned entirely of flowers that is both romantic and gorgeous. The flowers appear to be real, so the receiver will have to double-check, but the soft feel will last.

Eye-Catching Design
The design of any gift is one of the most important aspects, and a teddy bear fashioned of flowers is something you don't see every day.

It's Perfect for Any Occasion
Men have a reputation for screwing up simple gifts, so it's always good to be able to defy this stereotype by giving the woman you care about a gift they'll remember.

Long-Lasting Shape
Our Roseal Bear maintains its form. It will revert to its regular shape within a few minutes, even after a hug. When compared to the competitors, the unique teddy bear shape stands out.

It Will Never Wilt
A present like Roseal Bear has the added benefit of lasting indefinitely. The high-quality roses stay in place, so the receiver can smile at their rose-filled bear for weeks, months, or years.

My girlfriend adores it and refuses to take it out of the package.


This was given to my mother as a gift, and she adores it. It's lovely and light, and I'll probably get more as gifts in the future.


Very cool and original. It was a gift for my granddaughter, and she absolutely adored it!


On time. All of the roses were still in good condition. In person, it is even more beautiful.


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Few Gifts Are As Meaningful As Rose Bear

Whether you're looking for a romance gift or simply want to show someone you care.

The Perfect Romantic Rose Bear Gift Is Here To Ensure Your Loved One Feels Truly Loved

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Rose Bear 3
Rose Bear 3

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Rose Bear 2
Rose Bear 2

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  • Handmade
  • Material:  PE foam flower
  •  Size:  10 inch Approx
  •  Package: 1 PCS Rose Bear with box