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I can't wait to witness my future stepdaughter, my tiny flower girl, go down the Isle with this lovely corsage around her wrist. The piece is very well made


Top notch! Quality, perfection, beauty and class all rolled into this piece. Thank you for making this and your attention to detail. I can't wait to wear it to church for mother's day.


 I was pleasantly surprised at how well it's put together and how durable it is. The colors are perfectly bright and so much fun to accessorize with!


My sunflower corsage has definitely captured my heart. It appears to be rather lovely.


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    Corsage Flower 3
    Corsage Flower 3

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    Corsage Flower 2
    Corsage Flower 2
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    • Handmade
    • Size: the floral composition is about 3 inches (7 cm) long and 2 ½ inches (6 cm) wide. the wrist ribbon length is 29 inches (73 cm)