This Anklet Is Such A Unique Piece That You Don't See Every Day, And If You Do, It's Only At High-end Boutiques

  • It's weighty, strong and it's iconic in the world of couture jewelry
  • So cute, easy to wear and it's just so chic
  • It takes your entire outfit to the next level
  • the Butterfly is the symbol of good fortune and good luck  
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Expect This Butterfly Anklet To Last A Long Time Even If You Wear It Every Day
(Walk Normal, Run Or Do Some Crazy Movements)

It Has Little Loops In The Chain So Can Fit
Any Ankle Size

This Is A Fabulous Gift Or Maybe You Just Need That A Little Reminder Yourself

Very dainty ankle bracelet. Bought this for my daughter and granddaughter for Christmas


Super cute and fits well


This Butterfly ankle is beautiful and arrived quickly! I made a mistake with my shipping address and the customer support got back to me right away and assured me the change would be noted


Such an adorable, came very fast and I absolutely adore it ❤️


In Avinida It's All About Giving You The Ability To Create Those Perfect Fashion Moments 

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Butterfly Anklet 3
Butterfly Anklet 3

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Butterfly Anklet 2
Butterfly Anklet 2

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  • Handmade
  • Material:  .925 Sterling Silver
  • Length: 10 inches
  • Chain style: Bead
  • Closure: Spring ring