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  • When I Put On The Life Jacket What I Saw I Could Not Believe. Nor Will You

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    I’m about to tell you a true story. If you believe me, you will be rewarded. if you don’t believe me, I will make it worth your while you change your mind.

    Let me explain.

    Len is a friend of mine who has an eye for good products. One day he called excited “ It’s so incredible.” He said, “when you first try it, you won’t believe it.”

    “What will I see?” I asked. “What could be so incredible?”

    Len continued “When you put the strap over your head it does a good job of keeping your face out of the water. your chin is resting on the top. It’s very comfortable. And it’s not my imagination. I just want you to try for yourself.”


    When I received the PFD, on a recent trip to sea kayak, our boats filled with water and we eventually capsized. These PFDs performed perfectly. In fact, were it not for this PFD, I doubt I'd be sitting here now. Compared to other PFDs, it was very comfortable while I was in the water and I had free range of motion with my arms to swim. deployment was very easy and didn't require any real thought. But what did this product do? I found out.

    The life jacket called (Avinida) is very small and unbelievably light. Perfect for you paddle boarding, sea kayak, snorkeling, sup race...etc. It also has a Velcro-type clasp to hold slack for smaller people

    I know you always have a life jacket inside the front cargo area but if something were to happen there is no way you could get to it in a stressful situation. Having these PFDs on, we will always be “safer” than just being “legal” with some subpar life jackets stuffed in the craft.



    Exactly as described! These are great, fits well and easy to wear. Hopefully we never need to use but we now have piece of. Ins if we do. Seller was amazing, communicated quickly!

    Awesome way to stay protected and move freely in a kayak. I inflated it and checked it as directed. It fully inflated and folded back up without any issues. I've taken it on multiple trips that exceeded 30 miles and can say that I honestly forget I'm wearing it until I look down at it.

    After using it just once, I recommended the belt pack to all of my kayaking friends. A lot of kayakers don't like to wear a life vest because it restricts movement too much. With this belt pack one, you don't even notice you are wearing a life vest.

    No one likes a bulky life best in our environment. I often forget I have it on and on more than a few occasions have found myself riding home in the car still wearing it because I forgot it was there

    I’m very pleased with this device. I’ve worn it on the boat often and find it comfortable to wear, easy to adjust, and quite secure.